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Easy puzzle of 29 June 2015

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A scratch pad to help you fill in a Sudoku puzzle. You still have to solve it yourself!
Every day, you get three fresh Sudokus. Explained: what is a naked or hidden pair?

  • If the Sudoku is still empty, select a Daily Sudoku, or enter or copy/paste one under Import.
  • Each number may appear only once in each row, column, or block (3x3 square).
  • In each cell, you can fill in the number you found, or multiple numbers to indicate the candidates—these will be shown smaller.
  • Use Eliminate to remove candidate numbers if they are found already in the same row, column, or block. This way, you sometimes find new numbers (light blue), if so, repeat the elimination process.
  • Click on any figure in the column headings to highlight their position in the Sudoku, click again to remove the highlighting. If a number is highlighted, Shift-click on a cell to fill in that number, Ctrl-Shift-click to remove that number as a candidate, repeat to undo.
  • Colouring tool; Ctrl-click on a cell to make it green, Ctrl-click again to make it blue, Ctrl-click a third time to remove the colour. All colours are removed when you click on a column heading. Here is an explanation of the colouring technique
  • At any moment, you can save your position. You will find the saved board below, click on it to restore, or add it to your favorites/bookmarks to return to it later.
  • If you're stuck, click on Hint to get a helpful remark. This will indicate which method you can use where. Not all logical methods have been implemented yet, only those that are mentioned below after 'easy' and 'medium'.
  • Solve puzzle tries to find a solution to the current diagram. If you entered a wrong number (shown in red), it will not find a solution. In that case, remove or correct the red number, or go back to the original Sudoku (for example by clicking below 'Daily Sudoku'), and click again on Solve puzzle.
  • Of course, you can also print the Sudoku and solve it offline: yes, this page is printer-friendly, just try it.

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Daily Sudoku

Can be solved using single techniques: there is only one candidate in a cell, or there is only one cell in a row/column/block where a number can be placed;
You need more advanced techniques, such as combining the positions in different rows/blocks or columns/blocks, or pairs of numbers that can only be placed in two cells (naked/hidden pairs);
Can't be solved with these techniques only.

Sudoku Links

Import Sudoku

Below you can paste a Sudoku as text. Use any character for the open cells, except the digits 1-9, spaces, '+', '-', '|', and '>'. The rows in the Sudoku may, but don't have to be on separate lines.

On July 1, Sudoku Scratchpad will become Smarter Sudoku.

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